SLC to GRD Terrain Corrected Image With Phase Information

I would like to know the process of generating GRD Terrain Corrected images along with Phase Information from SLC products. It will be kind of someone to help me out since I am new to the domain of polarimetric SAR images.




I would suggest:

  1. TOPS Split
  2. Radiometric Calibration (use complex output here)
  3. TOPS Deburst
  4. Range Doppler Terrain Correction (again, select “output complex data”)
  5. Raster > Data Conversion > Complex i + q to phase


  • Thermal Noise Removal currently removes the phase from the product so it’s better not to apply it.
  • Use TOPS Merge in case you want to use multiple swaths

image when I try to load my study area shapefile error box pop up can you help me with it, please

most likely an issue of coordinate reference system.(CRS)
Please check if the CRS of the shapefile matches the CRS of the radar product (the one you selected in the Terrain Correction step). If you selected WGS84 in the terrain correction, for example, you cannot import a shapefile stored in UTM coordinates.