Slope normalisation and DB,which of the following two formulas is correct

Dear all
I have a question:i’ve already done some preprocessing(apply orbit>TNR>CAL>multilooking>filtering>TC).Next, I want to finish slope normalisation and to DB,and i want to which of the following two formulas is correct:
*** 1. 10log10((Sigma0_VVsin(PIprojectedLocalIncidenceAngle/180))/sin(PIincidenceAngleFromEllipsoid/180))**
*** 2. (10log10(Sigma0_VV)sin(PIprojectedLocalIncidenceAngle/180))/sin(PIincidenceAngleFromEllipsoid/180))**
The calculated result is inconsistent.:slight_smile:

so the only difference is that once you placed an asterisk * between the factors and set different parentheses once you didn’t?
Maybe you have a reference for this formula so others can try to understand what you want to do.

Sorry,The second formula I maybe wrote missed a “”.And,the correct one is (10log10(Sigma0_VV)sin(PIprojectedLocalIncidenceAngle/180))/sin(PIincidenceAngleFromEllipsoid/180))
Please note the difference between parentheses before and after 10log10 in the formula.

Where is the screenshot from? Sorry, but it’s very hard to follow.

042514470112_1.pdf (2.0 MB)
042514470112_2.pdf (2.9 MB)
042515004514_3.pdf (2.7 MB)
042515004514_4.pdf (1.8 MB)
042515004514_5.pdf (831.8 KB)
042515004514_6.pdf (2.0 MB)
The formula in 042515004514_5.pdf

The formula in 042515004514_5.pdf