SLSTR - problem importing vector file


I’ve got a problem importing vector files (csv) to an SLSTR Product (Level 2 WST).
When I’m importing the vector file to an OLCI Product, the geometries are lying where they should be. When importing the same file to an SLSTR Product the geometries are located far outside the scene.
Is it possible that csv-files are imported differently depending on the Product?


Have you tried it only on one SLSTR product? Actually, it should work. Is the SLSTR product correctly shown on the world map? I’ve no data for testing at hand at the moment. If you like, you can provide the data for example via WeTransfer.

Hi Clara,

I was now able to reproduce the issue you have described.
It seems at some point in time the data has changed.
A product from 2017 is working but a from 2019 onwards it is not working anymore.
Even if the IPF version between those two products is the same.

[SIIITBX-373] Location information of SLSTR L2 WST data since 2019 behaves strange - JIRA (

This needs some more investigation. It will take some time till it can be fixed. We need to find out how two differentiate between those products if the version is the same.