SLSTR Test Data

I see new SLSTR test data was released in July. But the link for ftp access doesn’t actually work - it needs a user/password. Please advise how we can access the data.

Hi Pauline,
I try to find out what is wrong with the links.


The links should now work again. Sorry that it took a bit longer.


Hi Marco,

Yes, I can access that directory now - thank you.

Just one thing - the test data is not in a zip file, but is individual netcdf files. If I try to open an explorer window to download the full set together (rather than one by one), I am asked for credentials. Can you advise how best to proceed?

Thanks again!

You are right this is inconvenient. I will ask if they can host zip files instead.
Meanwhile you can try the Firefox plugin DownThemAll. This helps to download multiple files from one page.


I just tried to use FileZilla. This works.
You have to pick the username and the password from the links.
uname: ftp_tds-s3mpc
pw: smwF298B

ok, now downloading!

Many thanks.

The test data products are now provided as zip files. You need to uncompress them before using them in SNAP.
For all who are interested. The links to the test data set can be found at Sentinel Online