Small bug in Sinchronize Image Windows Option

Hi there, i’ve noticed a small bug in the Sinchronize Image Windows option.

I was comparing 4 different Sentinel 2 color compositions, two with the 10 m bands and two with the 20 m bands. If you pan the image the tool works correctly but if you zoom in/out only the windows which show images with the same spatial resolution will zoom, while the orther 2 remain at the same zoom level.

Is this the intended behaviour?

This could happen because you didn’t select the image you wanted to zoom in or out, you just used the mouse scroll. This can not happen when you pan the image because you have to click on it to move it. Only the selected image rules the others.

Nope, i selected the image before zooming, and definitely only the view showing an image with the same spatial resolution zooms while the other two remain idle.You can test it yourself.