SNAP 2.0 beta-04

The last version (2.0 beta-04) has some errors of importance. The error (java.lang.NullPointerException) when I import any product of ALOS PALSAR CEOS or ALOS 2 CEOS, is an error of the programmer that wrote the application.
In addition, I observe that commands have taken out of the previous versions that were very useful, like the spatial subset of views. In the latest version to sell off a subset, I have to go to the Graph Builder.
The possibility of creating Projects in the version of the NEST also was very useful. It would be very important for the versions of the SNAP to have it also.

Dear Hector, the ALOS-2 problem on linux should be fixed, spatial subset and projects should be coming soon.

I am using SNAP 4.0 and still facing this issue on Linux.