SNAP 2.0-beta-08 Spatial reference missing from ENVI format exports

When running Speckle filtering on a GRD image, I am finding that the spatial reference (map info in ENVI terms) is missing from ENVI format outputs. For example, this is the header information:

description = {null - Unit: intensity}
samples = 25145
lines = 16791
bands = 1
header offset = 0
file type = ENVI Standard
data type = 4
interleave = bsq
byte order = 1
band names = { Sigma0_VV }
data gain values = {1.0}
data offset values = {0.0}

There is no “map info” or “coordinate system string”.

Thank you.

Is this from the dimap bands or are you exporting to ENVI format?
If it’s a dimap, the bands are not intended to be used on their own
without the rest of the product.

After you’ve applied a projection with terrain correction then you
should have the map info in an ENVI export.

Thank you, lveci. I tried it again as you instructed and it worked.