SNAP 8.0 can't be force quit on macOS Catalina

Hi everyone!

I have recently for the third time run into an obscure issue with SNAP 8.0: After closing it normally using CMD+Q on my Mac, the program won’t close and remains in the dock. It will be flagged as “not responding”, however the option to force quit the program does not have any effect. The same happens if I try to force quit via the force quit menu.

What’s more, the Activity Monitor doesn’t show the snap process anymore, nor does it show any processes including java or jre.

I tried waiting for at least half an hour on one occasion, but each time I ended up using the power button to turn off the Macbook.

Right now, I unfortunately can’t narrow down what causes this issue. Has anyone else run into this problem?

Thanks for any help!

You should try a macOS forum. Be sure to mention that you are using a Java application and the Java version. You can also search for bug reports. There was a similar report 8236832: [macos 10.15] JavaFX Application hangs on video play on Catalina:

This issue most likely caused by changes in AVFoundation APIs on macOS 10.15.

Getting currentTime from AVPlayer was blocked if it is done from ProcessAudioTap callback (used for spectrum, equalizer and volume) on first call. If we reading currentTime after first callback returns, then it will not block. Fixed by not reading currentTime on first call and default it 0.

And then JDK-8240694:

This is a follow-on bug to [~~JDK-8236832~~](, which is an incomplete fix. It does fix the hang for some video files, but there are still others that hang.

You should think about what other programs might be associated with the hangs, e.g., audio or video play while SNAP is being used.

Thanks for the reply, I will have a look where you mentioned!