SNAP 8.0:Unable to perform IdePix cloud mask

After installed SNAP 8.0, I tried to run IdePix to get the masks for clouds ,shadows etc from Sentinel-2 MSI data,but the processor seemed to ‘hang’ for very long time and nothing (including progress status) was shown, finally I had to end SNAP process from windows task manager. The same data had been processed on SNAP v7.0. Maybe this is a issue of this new released version.

Hi @lxw241
Thanks for the report. We will have a look at it.
Have you observed this on multiple scenes? At which resolution are you doing the processing?
Does it happen also when you do not compute the shadows?

Actually there was no change in Idepix compared to the released one for SNAP7.
However, we will check this.

I tried processing with S2 data at 10 m resolution,and cloud shadow checkbox is selectef.