SNAP 8 on Linux keeps crashing if not run as super-user


I’m using SNAP 8 for 64bit Linux with the latest updates. Im running it on Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS.

I followed the installation instructions and installed it - as recommended - in my home directory and as a nornal standard user.

So far, so good.

But: SNAP does always crash shortly before the end of a processing step, e.g. Sentinel-1 Radiometric Terrain Flattening.

As soon as I start SNAP 8 as super-user (sudo), it is working.

Has anyone else observed such strange behaviour?

Thanks a lot,

Using sudo often has unexpected side effects. I’ve seen this many times, due to the frequency with with internet sites recommend using incantations involving “sudo” to cure linux ills. You didn’t mention whether the initial install was done using “sudo”, in which case you should uninstall and then install without using sudo (some cleanup may be needed to change ownership from root to the user).

After misuse of sudo, some settings or download on demand files may be stored under the “root” user’s directory, or may be stored in the appropriate location but owned by root. Such damage is usually easily reversed using command-line tools The first step is to identify misplaced files under the “root” user’s directory. This may give hints of what may be missing or outdated in the user’s home directory.

Then search for files owned by root in the user’s home directory (e.g., in the users’ home directory, “sudo find . -uid 0”). SNAP does not rely on files owned by root, so any SNAP files that you find should be chown’ed to the user.

If you are not certain how to do such searches and permission/ownership systematically, you should seek help from an experienced linux user or spend some time becoming comfortable with the command-line tools. The find program has many options to control searches and can safely be run
using “sudo” if it is not being used to apply changes to the search results.

Thank your for your reply!

You are rigth, it is important to mention, if it was installed with super user rights. The answer is no. The Installation was not done using sudo, it was done as a normal standard user.

I edited my posting accordingly.