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my name is Ismael and I am a Student of Telecommunications Engineering in the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).

I am working on a project for the Remote Sensing Laboratory Department. For this reason I am using the Eolisa Software for downloading products. After this, I open the products with the SNAP Software in order to process the products before using them in the project.

When using ASA_IMS_1P products I have no problem to visualise them as the product bands include Amplitude and Intensity. I have the problem when I try to visualise ASA_WSS_1P products like the one for the Oil Spill in the Gulf of mexico in 2010 ( ). These products, in the bands section, contain 5 channels. When trying to visualise them, I use the ASAR WSS Deburst option in the SNAP software and doing this, the result is an image that can not be visualised correctly.

I would like to know how should I do to read correctly WSS products using SNAP or if there is any other software for opening and visualising these products correctly.

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Ismael Vivó Martín

Student of Telecommunications Engineering

Reading the product seems to work fine. So the problem is part of the deburst. What do you mean by “not visualised correctly”?
Does the image look strange? Is the image not shown at all or is there an error message?

@lveci Can you help?

The image looks strange. As the deburst process does not work correctly.
Talking to another university mate, he told me that it should be that the SNAP can’t make the deburst correctly…
Do yo know if there is a solution using SNAP or if I have to use another software ?
Thanks !

In general SNAP/S1Tbx can do the deburst. I don’t know if for ASA_WSS_1P something special needs to be considered. I’m not familiar with radar data.

The ASAR WSS deburst operator is nothing like the TOPS deburst which can be used for interferometry.
The ASAR deburst at best can produce an intensity image. Unfortunately, I don’t know of other software that will support ASAR WSS. If you’re looking at oil spills you may be better off just getting the WSM products.

Thank you for your attention marpet !

Thanks for your comment also lveci, I can use also also BEST and BEAM software of the ESA… Do you know if these products could be usefull?

Sorry for all these questions… I’m new in this !

No, BEST and BEAM won’t help.