SNAP cannot display S1 GRD image or its takes a long to display or never displays

After some processes in S1 GRD, (orbit file, border and thermal correction, multilook and speckle) in terrain correction, cannot display image, even if I want to subset, the thumbnail cannot displays. When I try to export to geoTiff, the resulting image says its not a correct format in the same SNAP and in QGIS. But with S2, it displays bands easily.

Note: sometimes VV opens and VH band never, but weird cause VV displays, it take a long time but opens.

Is it somethig about performance configuration? or something about my BIOS?, QGIS its OK oppening images, two weeks ago there was no problem. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance

I’ve had image window issues you describe years ago and they were resolved with a clean SNAP re-install.