SNAP Data Movement


I’m a systems manager overlooking the IT systems at a government college. I’ve had a lecturer ask for me to install SNAP on our systems. Due to it being a government institution, we need to investigate and accredit the software we plan on using before installing it. The question I need to answer is whether or not SNAP sends data to a server somewhere, be it usage statistics or where it is being used etc. If it is sending any data, I would also like to ask where that data is going to.

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As statistics, only SNAP downloads, SNAP supported plugins downloads, SNAP auxiliary data downloads (orbits, DEMs) are being collected (from STEP website).
SNAP does not send data on how it’s used, etc, once it’s installed. At least, not sensitive data. The only detail that it’s used is the installed version, for updates checks, after SNAP installation.
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I use SNAP on government systems, and would like to point out that it is a large and complex package that needs frequent updates to add features or fix bugs. In my case, some projects do not require updates, while others can be stalled until required updates are installed. For years, updates by users were blocked because the updates replaced files in C:\Program Files\SNAP but the recent SNAP 8 installation puts the updates under each user’s %USERPROFILE%\AppData. I don’t know if this change was introduced with SNAP 8 or by the site administrators.