SNAP Error, Failed to Open Image

I am trying to view an image from the Intensity_VV band from an SLC file, by just clicking on the band, and get an error box that says: “Failed to open image view. java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.” I am using Windows 10, and have installed the most recent beta version (I actually installed it a couple of times, once as myself, once as administrator, etc.).

This is for file

But it works when I try to use file S1A_IW_SLC__1SDV_20150918T230756_20150918T230823_007776_00AD0C_989D.SAFE

Is this just a known or expected problem with SLC files from specific modes?

This has been fixed and will be available in the final 2.0 release any
day now.
The problem affects very large tif files for S1 Stripmap, RS2 and TSX.

I have got this Mssage when trying to open aa db radarsat image

What could be the problem?

It is hard to say what the problem could be without more information
What is your product? Have you processed it? Which band are you opening?

Thank you for your response . it is a two stack image , calibrated, multilooked, reprojected to RD new , the speckled reduced. It is a VV image. It opens in sigma but when i convert to db , i get the error.

Thanks for the info.
Have you stored the results to disk or do you use a in-memory product without saving to disk.

@cwong Can you check this?

Thanks alot Marpet, i had not saved it , then i have restarted the computer just to be sure . And it worked . Much Appreciation.