SNAP error when I try to calibrate PALSAR-2 GeoTIFF

Hi SNAP people…

I’m fairly new to SNAP. I’m using it to look at and process PALSAR-2 images that are in GeoTIFF format. When I choose Radar -> Radiometric -> Calibrate, it gives me this error:

A problem occurred during the target product initialisation.
Type: OperatorException
Message: band Amplitude_hh requires a unit

The GeoTIFF data did come with a LUT file however. Perhaps SNAP doesn’t know about it?

SNAP appears to be perfectly happy when I ask it to calibrate PALSAR-2 data in CEOS format, so it appears that GeoTIFF format is the problem.

How did you import the data? Seems like some metadata are missing.
Any other steps you applied after importing?

I choose “Open Product…” then select the zip file containing everything that came from JAXA.

Related to the problem: Under “Bands”, if I right click on “Amplitude_hh” and then choose “Properties”, the field for “Unit” says . This field does not have pre-defined values. You can type in anything you want. I don’t know what are acceptable values. I’m assuming real, imaginary, intensity, amplitude.

Cou can try extracting the data first and import the VOL file instead. It could be that some of the information is locked in the zipped form.

In the properties you can enter intensity