SNAP/GPT logging with timestamps


It’s been a while that I am dealing with some S-1 coherence map and terrain correction processing via command line, with gpt, on a centos environment.

For monitoring purposes I am interested in logging as information as possible in case of processing errors, warning, failures etc. and I would say that the printed info are pretty exhaustive with the exception that the time of the occurrence is not logged. Here below a screenshot as an example:

How can I configure snap/gpt trigger or configuration files in order to log the timestamp (hopefully) for each printed line? I had a look at similar threads but I found something just about snappy and I think they are not useful in this case.

Thank you!

That’s not externally configurable. The implementation needs to be changed.
I add this as an issue to bug tracker. Would be good if users can configure it.

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Thanks Marco for your prompt feedback!