[SNAP][GPT][sentinel3] GPT subset tool omit variables from input sentinel3 data

Good afternoon,

I made a subset of a S3B_OL_1_EFR image saved as a netcdf. But looking at the output i noticed that some of the variables from the input file do not seems to be kept in the output netcdf.
in particular the native .SEN3 format encapsulate a netcdf called time_coordinate.nc (1d array). this one does not seems to be present in the output file.
Have i missed something or is it because 1D arrays are ignored? if that’s the case that 1D array are igored is there a way to implement that ?

thank you in advance

The time_coordinate.nc data is not considered by the OLCI reader at all.
Time information in SNAP is provided by using the start and stop time from the xfdumanifest.xml.
That’s why it is no preserved when exporting the data.