SNAP in the Living Planet Symposium (13-17.5.2019, Milan, Italy) (updated)

SNAP in the Living Planet Symposium (13-17.5.2019, Milan, Italy)

ESA is organising the Living Planet Symposium (LPS) in Milan next week. This topic if for the presentation of SNAP-related content in the LPS. We will keep this topic updated with the latest contents.

There are three types of SNAP related content in the LPS:

  1. SNAP demos @ The ESA stand
  2. Oral presentations about SNAP and its usage @ The Scientific Sessions
  3. SNAP Developers’ Corner an interactive townhall-type presentation @ Agorà Metallica

SNAP Demos:
SNAP Demos take place every lunch-break (12:20-12:40) and afternoon coffee-break (15:10-15:40) at the ESA Stand.

SNAP Oral Presentations
Wednesday 15/05/2019 (9:15 – 9:30) - Session C7.05 EO End-User Toolboxes and Apps: - Oral presentation by O. Barrilero titled “Evolutions and Roadmap of SNAP and the SENTINEL Toolboxes”

Wednesday 15/05/2019 (10:40 – 10:55) - Session C4.01 Big EO Data Analytics: Platforms and Applications: - Oral presentation by M. Peters titled “Enabling operational service provision with SNAP on EO data processing platforms”

SNAP Developers’ Corner
Wednesday 15/05/2019 (17:00 - 18:00) - Agorà Metallica
Interactive Agorà coordinated by Cosmin Cara: - “ESA SNAP Toolbox Developers’ Corner: How to develop plugins & deploy SNAP on the cloud”

Useful links:

ps. please use the hashtag #esa_snap when referring to SNAP on social media


Dear all,

because there is some interest, I’ll publish my slides from demos and presentation.


Thank you very much :slight_smile: