Snap-install error on windows 7

Installation of esa-snap_windows-x64_2_0-beta-08.exe on windows 7 PC always stops after downloading between 17 to 18.4 MB. For installation I only selected the sentinel-2 toolbox and the default parameters. The messages are “Installing Please wait while Setup installs ESA SNAP on your computer. Downloading … 18.0 MB of 18.6 MB (97% at 1,785.6 kb/s” “Setup” “The download was interrupted. Do you want to try again?”. Please advise how to install, best regards,

I’m getting similar download errors with esa-snap_windows-x64_2_0.exe under Windows 7 and under Linux. Some MB get downloaded and at a random position the download interrupts with “The download was interrupted. Do you want to try again?”.

Is there any possibility to implement something like “wget -c” (multiple retries and resume) to the installer or just package all necessary files into it? I have no warrant to change anything about the internet connection settings. At the moment the installer is just worthless for me…

Currently the only workaround is to try the download again later.
We don’t know why the download gets sometimes interrupted. In general it is pretty stable.
And yes we currently think about an installer which contains all necessary files.

Now SNAP external components are available for download :

Thanks and best regards,