Snap is saving wrong pin position data

When I pin a point and save geometry as shapefile the resulting shp have wrong position data. Even Snap can’t reopen the shp file on the same location as I originally pinned. This happens both on 5.0 and 6.0 (including the most recent version).

Am I doing something wrong? Polygon mode is working fine.


You found a bug in SNAP. It seems that it depends on the type of geo-coding if the pin export works or not.
I suppose you are using S2 data? There it is not working. The CRS is UTM. For Sentinel-3 data it works, it is WGS84.
So, what might work is to reproject the S2 data to WGS84 and then export the pins.
I created an issue (SNAP-891) for that and we will consider in the further development.

Thank you Marplet!