SNAP issues

  1. SNAP is unable opening products (both L1C and L2A) on granules level (Error message: “The product contains no file
    for this reader” or there is no reader for this product). Products one level higher (containing multiple granules) can be opened and products one level lower can be opened (single .jp2 images).

  2. L2A-products are not georeferenced at granule level (SCL, AOT,WV products and BOA band images)

  3. Installation under Windows: I need to be an administrator for installation. Then other users than the administrator cannot run SNAP because they have no write permission in ,snap directory of the administrator. Giving them write permission SNAP is running, but still all settings are safed in the user directory of the administrator.

  4. I sent to the developers a color table for coding the classes in the Level-2 SCL-product. I propose providing this color table to all users with the next SNAP release. It would be nice, if the SCL-product would be automatically linked by SNAP with this color table.


regarding issue #3 I can say that we already know it and that we will address it in the next release.

Regarding the other issues, maybe @jmalik or @NicolasDucoin can say more.

However, in #1 you say you can’t open L2A on granule level and in #2 you say they are not georeferenced. How do you know this when you can’t open them?


Dear Marco,

I can open the full product containing multiple granules
selecting the appropriate xml. All bands belonging to the selected product are
opened together and they are georeferenced – both for L 1C and L2A. All bands
are contained, but not the AOT, WV and CSC product for L2A.

I cannot open both L1C and L2A on granule level in the same way
selecting the xml of a single granule (Message: “The product contains no tile
for this reader” resp. “No appropriate product reader found”) . But I can go
deeper into the <IMG_DATA> folder of the granule and open single bands
(jp2-images). Single bands on this point are also AOT, WV and CSC products for
L2A. Whereas L1C single bands are georeferenced, L2A single bands are not

Most convenient for me would be, when I could open full single
granules, including AOT, WV and CSC product for L2A. The lower requirement
would be that at least the georeference from L1C is transferred to L2A-bands
and AOT, WV and CSC images, which all have to be opened separately.

I hope, now is it more clear. Don’t hesitate to ask again.

Best regards


Status of the problem from my point of view:

  1. SNAP (2.0) seems to start opening products on granules level, but there doesn’t appear the product in the product explorer. Clicking on the symbol in the lower right corner of the SNAP window I find the error message: Unexpected exception, java.lang.NullPointerException.
    This means the issue isn’t yet solved. But I found a workaround. If I delete all the granules except the one I am interested in I can nevertheless read the product with the one remaining tile by selecting the xml of the product. Sure I do this after saving the original product.

  2. Nothing changed with regard to this problem. Opening the jp2-files results in no georeferenced image.But I no more need a solution for this problem. I found, that in the L2A-product in the quality bands is all what I need - AOT-map, WV-map and scene classification map. All these bands are georeferenced like the bands of the BOA-product. This is fine for me and if I really need only one single tile -> point 1)

  3. Problem is solved.

  4. Problem is not solved. I provided the color table for coding the classes, but this color table is not automatically linked by SNAP with the SCL-image.