SNAP LAI Calculate on THEIA S2A Images

Hello All,
I am trying to calculate LAI using the SNAP "s2tbx " toolbox. I am using Sentinel-2 optical images Level-2A downloaded from Theia French Land Data Center but cannot arrive to do neither the resampling nor the BioPhysical parameters
Thank you for any help or suggestion!

please describe your problem at more detail, e.g why you cannot achieve it or what error message you get.

With the new update of SNAP 6.0, Sentinel-2 images downloaded from THEIA could be read by the SNAP

Unfortunately, even though the SNAP is accepting my (.zip) file and opening the image the tools such as the S2 Resampling and the Biophysical are not working on my image

It says that data source is not valid

Dear @hassan,

I could successfully process the Sentinel-2 Level-2A MUSCATE product downloaded from Theia using the Biophysical processor.
The procedure that I have found to work is:

  • Open the “*_MTD_ALL.xml” file inside the downloaded MUSCATE product in SNAP
  • Resample data to a common spatial resolution using the standard Resampling operator under “Raster --> Geometric Operations --> Resampling” (the use of the S2 Resampling is still not supported for the MUSCATE products as reported here SNAP plugin to import S2 L2A products from Theia)
  • Optionally subset the product keeping either the ‘surface reflectance’ or the ‘flat reflectance’ bands (or create the subset using BandMaths and specifying properly the band names (e.g. B2, B8A, etc) and the wavelengths to the resulting image).
  • Run the Biophysical processor

Hope this procedure works also in your case.



Thank you Frederico

Your proposed method worked greatly!!

Good new!
Please mark the post as solution, so that other users can easily find the procedure.