Snap new update - error - ship detection

Yesterday, the SNAP application got an update and since then I am getting an error that the data which I was earlier used for ship detection is now not SAR data.
The SAR data is of ICEYE GRD

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you.

thank you for reportingt his. Can you please mention the imaging mode and product level?

Mentioned it in the post.
Thank you for mentioning it.

@lveci @jun_lu can you please check if something has changed?

Yes, looking into it. Thanks
The above error should happen when it can’t find the SAR frequency in the metadata. This is how it knows the source product is a SAR product. It may be that it’s finding the wrong reader and using a generic GeoTiff or HDF reader instead of the Iceye reader. Have you tried selecting the xml file as input?

Thank you. I did try using the XML file as input but got an error “No appropriate product reader found”.

Was there a solution offered for using Iceye for ship detection? Subject seems to have ended without a solution. Thanks.