SNAP not working properly

I have downloaded GRD data and I am facing two issues initially,

  1. When I open product in SNAP and run thermal noise removal as a first step, the process completes but the product doesn’t open in left window (somehow I open it from File menu-open product-…) as attached in image 1

  2. After opening of noise removal product, when I move cursor to Radiometer, it doesn’t open options in the right as it can be seen in image 2. What should i do now?


seems that the installation somehow became corrupt. Did you just recently install SNAP or upgrade from previous versions?
I would recommend uninstalling SNAP and make a new clean installation.

Dear Sir,

I am still facing same problem. I reinstall fresh downloaded SNAP 5.0.

My product is:

But it can’t be processed. I don’t how to proceed with my research.