Snap Time Issues

I am currently working on Offset tracking in SNAP. I have coregistered images and I run Offset on them. But the system takes a lot of time. I have a workstation of very high RAM and another PC which is of 8 GB RAM. Both of them take the same amount of time to do a process. Also, the velocity maps were showing no values when opened in Arc GIS while they were seen in SNAP. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

What you mean a lot of time? Offset tracking can actually be very long.

I don’t use ArcGis but when i drag’n drop img/hdr files into QGIS it works well if you need a solution.

Also, in Tools-> option->performances tab, you can modify the cache size (if you think SNAP does not use all your computer’s capabilities).

EDIT (credits to @MCG) : recommanded cache size is ~75% of your memory size

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Be careful if you modify your cache size. If you increase it a lot (close to the max.) you will be reducing the capacity of your machine to run other tasks at the same time.


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Yes, will try doing so! Thanks again. Should I change SNAP value or Bench Mark value?

SNAP values

I changed SNAP values to 30% of the RAM but now even Terrain Correction is slow.