Snap to envi,acquisition time losed

i want to research time series remote sensing,i’ve already done some preprocessing(apply orbit>TNR>CAL>multilooking>filtering>TC>slope normalisation>to db>export to envi),but when i open imaging in envi ,i find acquisition time losed,so i can’t build “.serise” product that can be used for time series reconstruction.Maybe i can use “edit envi header” in envi .But that’s too much work.Do you have a better idea?

Did you export via File > Export > Envi?

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yes,i did,but there is no time information.

This information is not written to the Envi files. It is missing, unfortunately. Maybe the acquisition time wasn’t available at the time of implementing the product writer.
I’ve put an entry into our issue database (SNAP-895).

oh,thank you.