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I am preatty new to the Sentinel 2 Toolbox and SNAP. Could someone explain why the data from a Sentinel 2 Multi-Band Dataset preview is presented as a triangle, when opening up one band in the Snap 5.0 toolbox?

As a contrast, the quicklook view shows a parallelogram which seems to be a correct representation of the given dataset.

Dataset example name: S2A_OPER_PRD_MSIL1C_PDMC_20160806T083936_R122_V20160804T100613_20160804T100613

View of the B1 (443nm) band:

Quicklooks of the dataset:

This ist the SNAP Version I am currently running:

Every explanation is appreciated.

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The Quicklook shows the complete swath - as it is represented on the Earth.

The swath can be made up of several UTM zones, and SNAP will allow you to open each UTM Zone separately; but you have to select them individually. So what you show in your image is Band 1 in one UTM Zone, at the lefthand side of the swath.



S2 MPC Operations Manager


@Jan thank you very much for the explanation. Now everything is clear. Best regards.

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@Jan do you know how to change UTM zone to display other swath after it was already selected? I don’t see the dialog to select the UTM on the beginnig because I checked the “use selected UTM next time”.

Go in the menu to Tools / Options.

Here you can activate the suppressed dialogs again.

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Great, thanks for the solution @marpet!