SNAP Tutorial

thank you so much for your reply.
Is there anyway a way to set these parameters correctly? where can I get them from?

Besides, having a look at the Software User Manual and the other documents, provided on the plugin page, you can look into the sen2cor category and search for parameters. Some thread discus the parametisation.
Setting the parameters correctly depends often on the use case. If you want to know the parameters to get as close as you can to the standard processing, I can’t help. if they are not stated in the manual, I don’t know.

Hi Jan,

I have obtained different products for the Scene Classification with Sen2Cor and the level 2A image of the Copernicus website. Do you consider DEM “PlanetDEM” better to obtain a Scene Classification rating through Sen2Cor v2.8?

You can search ON YouTube

Please include a link to the video. Thank you