Snap2stamps package: a free tool to automate the SNAP-StaMPS Workflow

I Can not do it , please have a look in SNAP Error

are you using the latest version of SNAP?

I am using SNAP version 7

are you sure? Maybe there is an old SNAP version still around (please search for gpt.exe), because this error was fixed in 2015: EAP phase correction not possible

according to this topic (Graph Builder: TOPSAR Coreg Interferogram - Execution time?) products acquired before March 2015 need manual EAP correction, which would include all images before this date. So this could be worth a try

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I deleted all data of 2015 , so that I got this Error
IS it problem of internet
Uploading: IMG_20201206_163107.jpg…

I normally do not suggest to use data acquired before 20150315 because of exactly that issue.

For the ESD, please remember to change the coreg_ifg_topsar_subset.xml (sorry if I am late replying that)

From 20150315 my workflow should work normally. Using SNAP6 without any issue.
The more changes you do… the more careful you should be.

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Thanks . I will try to do my treatment with SNAP 6
To avoid all problemes

@ABraun @mdelgado
Sorry to disturb you again ,
I installed SNAP6 , does the first processing slave file take more than 5 hours in coregistration step,
I am still waiting without Error, is it fine or I restart the coreg_ifg_topsar step


I have done the analysis for the year 2016 with 28 images of an urban area, however in snap2stamps, I get the following warning messages:

Can I continue with Stamps or do I have to re-process the images due to the warning messages?

What meaning do these messages have, that is, what have I done wrong?

I believe the error is the dem downloader from SNAP6 . I think the SRTM 3arc sec had changed its location as this seems to be the problem.

Using External DEM is possible with snap2stamps, but you need to modify the XML accordingly.

I would not continue with StaMPS until checking and solving the DEM issue.

Hello, thanks for the answer.
Until now I had not perceived any problem in this aspect and I had used Snap 6 without doing any kind of modification.
I find this change strange. In addition, it also seems strange to me that in the same process of this analysis, it sent me warning messages in some images and not in others.
Any explanation in this aspect?

Do you have permanent internet connection when running that command? Because it could be the reason. Or the availability of the server from where the srtm should be downloaded.

Indeed I do not remember to get that kind of error either, but this is what the error message suggests.

there is a general issue reported with SRTM data, but I don’t know if it only occurs for version 8 or all versions: SRTM ZIP-files are corrupted or not found

thanks. It seems that this message raises the origin of the problem:

because I downloaded the images on day 4 and analyzed them with snap2stamps on day 7. all this with Snap6 (I report this, since in that post it is only reported with snap 8 and 7)
My question then is, should I redownload all the images again? or maybe just repeat the process with snap2stams?

In this sense. I had done the process for two different stacks of images, and apparently in the first one I have been able to do all the analysis without problem. It has only been with the 2 block of images when I have detected these problems with snap2stamps, so I also have doubts. Perhaps this incidence is not affected and it is possible to analyze it in stamps with good results?

I cannot tell if the data was processed correctly by looking at the file list, but if the processing completed earlier I assume that the DEM was successfully integrated. You can open single pairs and visually check if the products look alright.

I tried it on V7 and V8. Had the same problem in both cases.

Dear @ABraun, @mdelgado

I am in the final step “stamps_export”, but I got the problem bellow : is that problem of memory ??

it is very likely that this is related to this issue: SRTM ZIP-files are corrupted or not found

Hi all

export (1).xml (1.1 KB) project (2).conf (703 Bytes) stamps_export (1).py (4.0 KB) ,
I have successfully performed all the previous scripts based on what is said in the Manual file of this Snap2stamps package(Red commands in below),

conda activate py27
python project.conf
python project.conf

python coreg_ifg_topsar py project.conf

python project.conf
but when I want to running python project.conf code, it only creates an empty directory named of INSAR_20190530 for me. Please tell me how to fix it.


please check the validity of the data produced in previous steps. For example, were the interferograms generated correctly. Open some of them in SNAP to check visually.

I also wonder why your master ends with Orb.dim and not Orb_Split.dim