Snap2stamps package: a free tool to automate the SNAP-StaMPS Workflow

@mdelgado @thho here is an example of what I want to Say .
All the images that look like 2017
I treated alone , and what it looks like 2015 I treated alone , After that I merged the both results in the same .csv file to plot it . IS it correct what I have done

this should not be a problem, as long as the area where you want to extract information is covered by both images and the interferogram contains valid values (non-zero).
If you split the entire period into two parts, this affects the density and stability of your PS candidates, because in the initial step (mt_prep_snap), the amplitude dispersion is calculated based on the entire time series. If you have two different time series, the density of points can be different for both parts, which leads to lower comparability.

sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.

I understand that I couldn’t merge those results , I will have false interpretation

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@ABraun @mdelgado @thho
if I want to merge the two results , How can I progress the 3 rd col (*.csv) that include mean velocities, shall I calculate the average of the two results into one

if you expect linear deformation you could take the average, but if the two periods show different averages you will lose information.

I again suggest to put all products into one time series instead of splitting the period into two parts.

Thank you Very much for your reply

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Hi all,
After doing setparm(‘insar_processor’, ‘snap’), setparm(‘density_rand’,‘50’) and setparm(‘scla_deramp’, ‘y’), ı have a warning problem on step3 and an error on step 4 which look like below,please help me to fix it.

A general comment, if you find a bug in an older version of SNAP, you are on your own. Current version is 8 and I urge everyone to upgrade and take part in ironing out the bugs in this new version.

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Probably the best way is as suggested by @ABraun

Hi dear mdelgado, I have a question about performing coreg and ifg step processing using snap2stamps, my quastion is that, can we not import master splitted and orbit rectified dim file full path in config file of the project? in other word I want just put the master splitted and orbit rectified image folder path in the conf file, as follow :

but it does not perform analyses.
so is it possiblethat we apply some variations in xml or source code of this step for doing this process without input the full path of the master dim file?

is there a specific reason why you want to give the path instead of the file name of the preprocessed master?

thanks for your reply. considering that I want to automate the whole process of snap2stamps using the bash script technique in linux env, so I don’t want in each process we input the master dim file full path in config file of project and itself could read the master dim file. because with some little variations in and I could generate and scripts…so now every step can be done automatically based on my bash script file but importing the full path of dim file of master image ruins my work. because as you know the date of the master image changes in each process and is not the same date.

I see…
Would it make sense to simply update line 9 of project.conf within your automation by inserting the full path and file name of the pre-processed master of the corresponding iteration, for example inside a python script?


I think so if I can create a new script or add some command in my bash script file for modifying conf file as after splitting and adding orbit files for the master image ones, It goes and modifies line 9 of the project conf file based on the master image “date.dim” file, it will work

could be worth a try!
Just remember that the snap2stamps scripts require the master to end with _split_orb.dim to be recognized correctly.

yes, I see, I’ll try it…

hi again mr abraun why when we put IW1=IW1 in config file, it doesn’t work?

the IW1= flag has to be set to the sub-swath you have selected during TOPS Split. It is not a parameter which selects the region for the subsequent processing.

thanks for your reply, I mean, when I put it qual to IW1=IWI in the config file, it doesn’t work…but when
I put it equal to IW2 and IW3, everything is ok