SNAPHU Export error: path not found

I am teaching a class on SAR interferometry and asked the students to perform the InSAR processing chain in a step by step manner, using SNAP. Now, one of the students gets an error I have never seen before: When they try to export the fully pre-processed interferogram for phase unwrapping with SNAPHU and copy&paste the target folder name, they get an error message that the path is not found. Can the reason be a path name that is too long? Is there any limitation on the number of parameters? Or is this an error that has occured to somebody else?

We are working with the latest version of SNAP and under Windows.

Windows programs can have problems with too long paths, but the limits have been increased with newer versions of Windows. Are your students all using the same version of Windows?
Can you try using the same path on another system?

There are often problems with paths that contain “unexpected” characters (“invisible” spaces, unicode look-alikes for dashes and quotes, etc.). These often arise when pasting text from documents that have replaced quotes with “smart” versions with different opening and closing glyphs or ASCII dashes with Unicode variable width dashes (m-dash, etc.)