Snaphu export problem

I did the usual steps for DEM generation from S1 SLC data (coregistration, interferogram formation, deburst, Goldstein filtering) . The snaphu export works normally and it creates the header of the unwrapped VV phase : UnwPhase_ifg_VV_01Jan2016_13Jan2016.snaphu.hdr. However, in the snaphu.conf file the command line created doesn’t correspond to the same header, it creates the command for the VH phase (snaphu -f snaphu.conf Phase_ifg_VH_01Jan2016_13Jan2016.snaphu.img 2993) . So I could not import the product as the phase and the unwrapped phase aren’t the same!
Could you have any idea of this problem?

Thank you in advance

if you are working with dual-polarized data, I would strongly recommend to only select VV in the first step of TOPS coregistration. This reduces the size of your products and processing time by 50% and prevents that the two polarizations get mixed up in the export.

Thanks @ABraun for the advice, I will try that :wink:
And just a question, why in Interferometry we favor the VV polarisation?
Kind regards