Snaphu import problm

I tried to Snaphu import the product, but there was an error. I tried to change the parameters, but the result remained unchanged.What should I do? thank you.

Can you please switch to the list view and again create a screenshot of the files inside the folder? Currently, the full names aren’t visible.

Is this one?

Xes, this folder, but we need the full names of the files. You can switch the view to a list.

the names of the unwrapped phase img and hdr files must be identical. Somehow SNAP added “_srd” isnide the img file. Please rename the img file so it exactly matches the name of the hdr file and then start the import again.

Yes, it does work. But I encountered new problems when dealing with the next product. The last sentence of the terminal in Chinese means that it has been killed or ended.

Please modify the config file and change the MCF solver to MST, delete the temporary folder and run snaphu again.
Please also increase the overlap.

This works, but can you tell me why MCF makes mistakes?

this can have several reasons. MCF and MST are different approaches to solve the ambiguos wrapped phase. Maybe there are areas or patterns in your image where MCF struggles to solve it adequately.

A generalized example on their difference is given in this thesis (figure 2.8). Some more explanations are given here (chapter 2.3.4)


That solved my problem perfectly. But now I met a new problem in/home/ffg/. the snap/system/var/log this file take up the space is larger, how should I handle this?

Can you please specify what this means?

This file occupies a large amount of memory and has reached 24g

What happens when you delete it?

I haven’t tried yet

You can safely delete it. It is not essential.

Thank you.