Snaphu import product dates issue

Hi, I am doing time series InSAR analysis on my study area. As snaphu is unwrapping only single interferogram, I unwrapped the 2 interferograms( 1 master and 2 slaves) separately and then import it. When I import first interferogram (master with first slave) it creates import product with correct date but when I import second interferogram ( master with second slave) it creates import product with the date of first interferogram. Don’t know why it is happening because when I exported second interferogram and unwrapped it, it created configuration file, hdr file and image file with correct date. But on importing it creates product with wrong (date of first interferogram) date. Any idea would be greatly appreciated.

so both unrwapped interferograms are referring to the date of the master image?

no, date of 1st slave image

When I export and unwrapped it …it creates hdr file, conf file, and image file with correct dates.

But in import it gives product with wrong date.
Master image 24Oct2014
First Slave image 17Nov2014
Second Slave image 11Dec2014
On import it creates product with Unw_Phase_ifg_24Oct2014_17Nov2014_VV i.e. of first inteferogram imported product…2nd should be Unw_Phase_ifg_24Oct2014_11Dec2014_VV but it is not. I open and visualize both imported unwrapped interferograms, they are different from each other. But don’t know why this date issue occurs

I think SNAP somehow mixes up the dates because you have on master and two slaves (right?) within one product.
But the naming of the rasters should not be a problem as long as you keep track of the exact inputs.

But I make two interferograms for both slaves against single master image separately. One is 24Oct2014_17Nov2014 and other is 24Oct2014_11Dec2014 and then export it, unwrap it and then import it. It should not mixes up dates. Because it gives correct dates in configuration file, hdr file and img. file for second interferogram i.e. 24Oct2014_11Dec2014

so you have these products separately? 1+2 and 1+3?

Then SNAP mixed it up during the coregistration already, I guess.

Yes after doing steps from coregistartion to Goldstein phase filtering I subset by band and extract interferogram for both master slave pairs(1+2, 1+3) separately. And export, unwap, and import these two extracted interferogram separately. Thankyou for the response.