Snappy_ndvi issue


I have installed the snappy right. However, the following error is achived when I ejecute the example.:

ndviFlagsBand.writePixels(0, y,width , 1, ndviFlags)

ValueError: illegal buffer argument: expected size was 884 bytes, but got 1768 (expected item size was 4 bytes, got 8)

Is it a 32bit library?

Thanks in advances,


No, it’s not a 32Bit library but the method expects an int32 array as last parameter.

Thank you so much!

That solve my proble. However, the processing is extremely slow, maybe more than one day to process 30978 lines. The time when I use the destock aplication is around 20 minuts.

'('processing line ', 1025, ’ of β€˜, 30978L)’

What can it be happend?

Thanks in advances,