Snappy not working on redhat6

Hi, I am having an issue using snappy on redhat6 where GLIBC is version GLIBC_2.12.

The error I am getting in apython27 is: "
import jpy
Import Error: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.14 not found (required by snappy/
Please give me pointers on how to solve this.
Thank you, Mark

This sounds like a similar problem:

Is this help for you?
Updating to Python 3.4 might help too.

Thanks for you response.

In in RHEL6 the default glibc version is glibc 2.12 and it would not support glibc 2.14.
Is there a work around to make snappy work on RHEL6?

Thank you for your work and help.

Maybe someone else can provide help. I’ve no experience here.
One option might be to compile jpy on your system. What you need to know is written here: