Snappy or gpt?

Dear Forum

I need to process 77 Cosmo-Skymed Himage images.
I would like to apply 1) import > 2) calibration > 3) terrain correction for each.
I know how to do it manually with with SNAP/S1tbx, but I would like to automatize the entire processing.

Do you suggest me to do it using the Batch processing or writing some python code using the SNAPPY library?
What are the benefits for each methodology?

Thank you very muuch

The graph builder is handy for doing this:
This is how you design the XML (xample: pre-process.xml (3.7 KB))

Then load the images into the batch processing and apply the XML.

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Thank you very much AB.
I can see from your .xml file this line

Do I have to change the address of each image manually?

yes, this was in the cache when I made this graph. But actually, if you simply open the batch processing, the input files are automatically selected.

So you can leave the graph as it is, maybe you execute it once on your first image to see if the result is fine and then process the rest of the data.

Ok, thank you so much