Snappy Python Pin Creation

I have indices of pixels in radar coordinates. For example: pin_1 = [1047, 24], pin_2 = [4671, 24], pin_3 = [8753, 24]. I want to automatically fill pins with the python snappy script. I looked in this topic, but there is code for Java. According to, you need to create a point placemark using createPointPlacemark.
How can this be implemented? I do this:

import numpy as np
import snappy
import time

sourcename = '/var/ssd/Stack_deb.dim'

PRODUCT = snappy.ProductIO.readProduct(sourcename)
WIDTH = PRODUCT.getSceneRasterWidth()
HEIGHT = PRODUCT.getSceneRasterHeight()

pinGroup = PRODUCT.getPinGroup()# this is: org.esa.snap.core.datamodel.PlacemarkGroup(objectRef=0x5624a206b310)
# pMark = new Placemark("p_"+i+"_"+j, "", "", new PixelPos(i, j), null, PinDescriptor.INSTANCE, p.getGeoCoding())# Java Code