Snappy - 'SliceAssembly' is not working

I use Slice Assembly for a long time. Everything was okay by February. GRD products after this period will not be processed. Has anything changed in the S1 data structure?

The error that appears to me:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/opt/AS/", line 48, in <module>
  result = GPF.createProduct('SliceAssembly', parameters, products)
RuntimeError: org.esa.snap.core.gpf.OperatorException: java.lang.NullPointerException

My script:

from snappy import ProductIO
from snappy import GPF
from snappy import jpy
from snappy import HashMap
import glob
import os, gc 

orbita_1 = []

path = "/tmp/S1/s1_kalibracija/"
for folder in os.listdir(path):

   orbita = folder.split("_")[7]


orb = [
   for i, e in enumerate(orbita_1)
   if orbita_1.index(e) == i

ucitano = []
for fajlovi in orb:

   files = glob.glob("/tmp/S1/s1_kalibracija/*_"+fajlovi+"_*.SAFE_calibrate_VH.dim")
   for filesread in files:
       ucitavanje = ProductIO.readProduct(filesread)

orbita_x = ucitano[:2]
print orbita_x

parameters = HashMap()

products = jpy.array('org.esa.snap.core.datamodel.Product', 2)
products = orbita_x
result = GPF.createProduct('SliceAssembly', parameters, products)
ProductIO.writeProduct(result, '/tmp/S1/s1_slice/result_x_vh.dim', 'BEAM-DIMAP')

workflow: aply orbit - calibration - slice

aply orbit and calibration works correctly

Is it possible that Slice Assembly does not need to be more preprocessing? Now I’ve done and all the tiles are well connected.