Soil moisture with SNAP

Hi everyone,
I’m new in soil moisture estimation from SAR data. I’m trying to estimate soil moisture of an area via backscatter analysis, using the Sentinel-1 dataset (polarization VV, SLC). I’ve already performed via SNAP this pre-processing chain:

thanks to which I have the sigma0 values. I don’t know how to proceed at this point. I’m reading a lot of papers about this topic but I read that there’s no direct mathematical correlation between soil moisture and sigma0. I saw there is a tool in SNAP called “Soil Moisture” (Radar>>Soil moisture>>Soil moisture retrieval) but I haven’t found nothing about the explanation of this tool. In the forward questions written in this forum, someone linked this seminar:

in order to explain how to perform soil moisture, but actually I cannot find anything useful in this link for SNAP. Has anyone used yet this tool for SM estimation? If yes, is it possible to see the process to follow?
Thanks in advance to who will help me!

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