Soil_Wetness_TX Unit

I want to know what is the unit of Soil_wetness_tx
in SNAP its shown as a ‘m’. but I don’t know its meaning.

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Those tie-point grids are included by ESA in the Sentinel-3 SLSTR LST products.
The data is obtained from ECMWF.

I can’t really say what meter means in this context.
I just guess that a value of 0.35m means that down to this depth there is a certain level of moisture.
Here some links I found

But non explains the value explicitly.

Hi and thanks Mr @marpet. I found these sites. but I really confused, in properties of soil_wetness_tx band, it is told that this band means “Volumetric Soil Water Layer 1”

I found it in ECMWF:

But two contradictions were found:

  1. Unit of it: m3 m-3
  2. short name of it: swvl1

I don’t think it means the depth, because they described that: Soil wetness (level 1) “moisture_content_of_soil_layer”

but I found it:

Do you think this unit is correct? Meters is equivalent to water?

I really don’t know. But I pass your question to someone at ESA.
Maybe someone from the Sentinel-3 team can help.

I just found this page.
Probably this gives more insights.

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Thanks a lot Mr @marpet