Some questions from sen2cor and L2A products

Hello everyone,
I opened a granule sentinel 2 image in snap( resampled at 10 m resolution). And then run sen2cor 2.2.1 with checked open in snap and 60m resolution. This is successful and complete but for sen2cor 60m no output in snap. Then sen2cor with resolution 20m applied that with successful is complete and have output in snap(b1-b2-b3-b4-b5-b6-b7-b8A-b9-b11-b12) all outputs resolution of sen2cor 20m have 20m resolution. After than sen2cor 20m I applied 10 m resolution and this with successful is complete and have output in snap(b1-b2-b3-b4-b5-b6-b7-b8A-b8-b9-b11-b12) all outputs resolution of sen2cor 10m have 20m resolution. I compered outputs of 10m and 20m resolution and I realized there is no difference together in pixel values of all bands. Range of Pixel value for all bands after than correction compared to not corrected images More is.
1- I want to resolution of outputs 10m but I do not know that how to do?
2- What output of 10m sen2cor is 20m?
3- Sen2cor what mathematical operations applied on images?
4- Is DEM used In this atmospheric correction if not automatic used from DEM how I can used?
Please if anyone knows help me.

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