Source codes for classification

I tried to find SNAP codes for classification part but I did not find them. Would you please guide me?

Thanks @lveci.
1.I need to know what algorithm exactly is behind the RF ranking in SNAP but I could not find it in the source code.
Something like this;
Do you know where is that or there is any documentation about the ranking in SNAP?

@ABraun had a discussion here;

I do not know, if he can help us or not?

  1. RF also provide two straightforward methods for feature selection: 1. mean decrease impurity (MDI) 2.mean decrease accuracy(MDA); which one was used in SNAP?

  2. I have some values in my result but I do not know what is the meaning with them like 'score: tp (true positive),accuracy, precision, correlation
    , errorRate,cost, GainRatio .

I can be thankful, if one of the code developers help me in this topic. I really get stuck now :slight_smile: