Speckle filtering of many SLC images based on only the subset area of one image

Hi all. I have many Envisat acquisitions which I would like to use for interferometry and I would like to apply speckle filtering before coregistering the images. I have created a subset for my intended master image and have applied the speckle filter to this and I am already noticing improved coherence. I was wondering, then, is there a way to perform speckle filtering for all the other images but only for the area constrained by the subset of the first image? I would like to avoid creating the same subset area for each individual image as I think this would be very time consuming!

Thanks in advance!

You could create the subset for your master image then coregister all slave images using the master extent. Then apply the speckle filter to the whole stack. Note the speckle filters will produce only intensity so you won’t be able to do complex coherence.

Thanks for your response. Would doing the above prevent doing interferometry on the speckle-filtered stack?