Speed up data product export

i started writing a query a while ago asking how to speed up my data product exports and i had an idea that worked. While it took 50+ minutes to export (via FILE, EXPORT, ENVI) a couple of mosaicked S1a GRDs (31,052 x 32,817), I found I could do it in almost half that time (in only 26.6 minutes, in SNAP 5.0) by using the Graph Builder with only a READ connected to a WRITE and setting it to “Save As” ENVI (for example). Thought this might help someone. I don’t know why this way is faster.

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The implementation of the two write methods is a bit different. They iterate a differently over the data. In the Write operator it is done more efficiently, at least from some use cases. For such an amount of data you want to export it sums up to considerable time. That’s not good. Great that you found this workaround.
We know this issue and plan to improve this in the future.