Stack Split tool doesn't take Create Stack output as input

The Stack Split tool only takes coregistered stacks as input. What would be an alternative to split a stack produced from the Create Stack tool ? Thank you !

Maybe you can describe your input data a bit more and what you want to do with it. Actually, the Stack Split tool should be able to split any product with multiple bands into seperate products (each containing one band).

Thanks for your answer. I used Create Stack to align several Sentinel-1 backscatter coefficient (dB) images with one Sentinel-2 ndvi. I got a stack of aligned images as output, however I would like to extract the aligned slave images back from the stack. You can see below the error message.

Have you saved the stack in the BEAM DIMAP format?

You could also use the Subset operator to select single bands for the creation of new products.

Yes I did save in BEAM DIMAP format. But I will try to coregister and see if the splitting works, thanks.

you are right - I just tested it and it somehow does not like stacks created by the Create Stack or Collocation operators. I get the same error message.

Coregistration will probably fail, because the products do not necessarily have something in common. I tested with “Product Geolocation” as offset method

But splitting coregistration products seems to work, technically.
Is this an option for you: Raster > Data Conversion > Band Select
It writes new products with one or more bands of the input product.

That would work but I had a lot of stacked images so I found a way to do this in Python to avoid the manual work. Thanks for checking !