STEP server currently not reachable for orbit data download

It seems that the STEP server cannot be reached right now. It was though some minutes ago.

The Sentinel-1 orbits is becoming a nightmare!

Can any of you please check? @marpet @mengdahl

Does the official Copernicus repository also not work? A fallback solution is recommended in case the main repository does not work.

It is still not having full archive available.
Just checked this morning…
Waiting for a robust solution. Not sure how many people are affected but such migration…

@marpet @mengdahl

Please note that having STEP server down, it is not possible to download SNAP toolbox anymore.
Are you putting it up again?
I would need to download snap 8 for a new installation.


I didn’t have any problems over the entire day.

These are the download links for the SNAP toolbox:

Thanks! Wierd as for me it was unreachable.

I will check again tomorrow then

none of the links work for you?

I will try once back in front on the computer but if you have the link to esa server that should work. Links on step server is what is not working for me today’s

Download from ESA server has not issues. However not from step server.
Can anybody check if I am blacklisted?

would at least explain why it doesn’t work at your side.