Steps to open and process Atmospherically corrected Sentinel image in SNAP

I have atmospherically corrected the Sentinel-2 image in three resolutions 10m, 20m and 60m.
Will you please let me know the procedure to open the atmospherically corrected images in SNAP and apply the segmentation algorithm to it.
As I am not able to open the atmospherically corrected images in SNAP.

I guess you have processed the data with sen2cor, right?
Do you get an error message in SNAP when you try to open the ac corrected images?

Yes, I have applied SEN2COR 2.4.0 for Atmospheric Correction. Now I am not able to open the individual Bands of 10m, 20m nor 60m. I am getting this error.

Can I get the Manual or link where the segmentation process is explained ?

instead of opening the jp2 files directly, select the S2A product via the xml file. It is created by sen2cor as well and placed in the .SAFE folder.

Thank You for your suggestion. But I need to Layer stack the required bands and then I want to apply segmentation and classification algorithm to the stacked images. To reduce the processing time I want to discard the unwanted bands.

Open the full product, delete the extra bands and save the product again.

Thank You, I will do… let you know…

Would You tell me the process to do it, as I am not able to delete the bands from main product.

You can simply press <DEL>-key. In a processing chain, you would resample the data to a common resolution and then use the subset operation to remove bands.

Thank You very much, it worked.