Strange line appears after GRD processes

After subset GRD and calibration to sigma0 followed by spikel filtering I got strange line around the image result as below, and continuing with other processing the time period of open any results is increasing, with the same data and processes steps, I didn’t face up any of these things under SNAP 6, any suggestions,

@ABraun @marpet

The line is related to No data border, but how it’s possible to exclude it? and Does has any effects on the processing and results size?

Do these two images show the difference between SNAP 6 and 7?
If so, now in SNAP 7 the no-data value is set and used. For some reason at the border the value is not exactly zero and therefor not catched by the no-data masking.
You could look up the value of the stripe. I assume it is constant. Then you can use the valid-pixel expression to exclude the stripe. The expression should be like

Sigma0_VV != THE_VALUE

The area where you have data is covers only a small part of the whole scene. Is this intended?
Otherwise you could also create a subset on it. This would also remove the stripe.

But I don’t know enough about the inner wrokings of SAR processing. So, take my suggestions with care.

Hi Marco,

No, both are SNAP 7. But similar processes I did, in SNAP 6 , I didn’t notice this line,

The border gives No data, when I put the mouse on it, as you see

No, it’s not small part of the whole scene,

Yes indeed this solved the issue.