Strip Map Mode data petition/acquisition

Hi everyone,

I´m from Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain. My university (Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and myself are making some studies of the practical capabilites of the Sentinel-1 data and tools. We are studyng the area of south Gran Canaria…actually Maspalomas area, which is a tourist area of beaches, sand, and many hotel resorts. Location: 27º 44’N, -15º 35’W.

We are making some comparisons between another technologies such as optical satellite data in our institute “Institute of Oceanography and Global Change, IOCAG” ( At this point, we are using some IW Sentinel-1 sensor mode products. However, I´m interested about having at least, one SM sensor mode product upon this area, if it is possible, just because of a better spatial resolution. We have checked the data hub, and have seen that there are more than 6000 products over the entire world…but not even one over canary islands… If it was possible it could be great!

Does anybody know if it is possible to ask for it, and…what is necessary to do? If necessary, my university could make a formal petition.

The Sentinels are supposed to be mostly systematic. This means some people at Copernicus services have agreed on what mode they need for particular applications over certain areas. The intention is that we should get long time series over the same area with the same mode and polarization. There’s very little chance that you could request a special acquisition and this is probably a good thing for everyone in general.

See the Sentienl-1 Observation Scenario here

At the present time Stripmap is being used to acquire data over various Islands such as the Azores. Are these sites useful for your project? You can see the planning of these by visiting and opening the kml files in Google Earth (SM acquisitions are shown in black).

Hi Peter,

Sorry for such delayed answer! Yes, they could be useful as I have seen. Thank you very much for your help.


To be sure - if for some area is planned SM acquisition, the satellite is switched to SM mode flying over that terrain, and after collecting SM data is switched back to IW/EW mode?